Note: this page describes v1.6, and does not yet include v2 features.

The Mesh Export window allows you to convert the object in the Main window to a 3D mesh and save it for use in other programs. The controls are shared between the toolbar and the Mesh Options dialog.

Mesh export has its own rendering process, with a choice of two methods. The Surface method produces depth maps from 14 directions and combines them. The Volume method captures the entire volume. The next step is to triangulate the data into a mesh. The final step is to simplify the mesh, and adjust the quality before saving. Coloring and regions are not currently included; textures can be applied in the programs where you use the meshes.

Object with 1000 pixel resolution; triangulated meshes using Volume method, with mesh grid size 100 (80k triangles), 200 (396k triangles) and 500 (2,920k triangles).

After simplifying 2,920k triangle mesh down to 100k triangles, and to 15k triangles.