Note: this page describes v1.6, and does not yet include v2 features.

The Color page is for assigning a coloring scheme to the object, to provide the raw pixel colors (before lighting is taken into account.) There are two coloring methods; Holon Sequence and Metamorph.

Holon Sequence coloring allows each pixel to have a unique color that follows the shape, based on the sequence of holons that generates that 3D point. It is ideal for pure fractals. You assign a gradient to each holon, and the holon sequence interpolates between the gradients, allowing millions of colors.

Two examples of Holon Sequence coloring; one solid and one with low opacity rendering.

Metamorph coloring uses texture mapping. For each holon you choose where the texture coordinates map from and the color source to map to. This method is best suited to shapes with metamorphs, especially constructors, but can also be used with unmetamorphed shapes.

Color page, with Metamorph coloring method.

Custom gradient editor

Three examples of Metamorph coloring using gradients.

Metamorph coloring mapping to a picture; one with a photo tile, the other with a XenoDream fractal.