XenoDream News

Headline art for NVIDIA in 2008

Václav Pajkrt's unique use of XenoDream won the 2007 NVart competition with his image "Growth of cubic bacteria" and an honorable mention with "Rest of Sinews." Following that, NVIDIA selected "Rest of Sinews" as the headline artwork for the NVISION 2008 conference brochure, and also featured it in the NVIDIA shareholder newsletter. This puts XenoDream in the company of the cutting edge graphics used for games, movies, science and engineering.

You can see more of Václav's work at http://www.projekt0.net

Rest of Sinews

MOCA On-line/On-wall Double Exposure winner 2008

Juliette Gribnau was awarded first prize in the MOCA On-line/On-wall Double Exposure Exhibit with her XenoDream entry 'The Last of the Butterflies'.

This image also won in the 2007 Mandelbrot fractal art contest.

Last of the butterflies

International art contest 2007 winner

Juliette Gribnau used XenoDream to make the winning entry in the Digital section of the International Art Contest: The 2007 International Art Contest Winners.

"As well as the many many hours of enjoyment, XenoDream gives me a wonderful possibility to express myself in shape and color." - Juliette