XenoDream features new or improved in versions 2.4 and 2.5

New or improved in XenoDream v2.5

Updated interface

Support for Windows themes in Windows XP and later.

Most buttons have new or improved images.

New glassy look for Memory Spots.

v2.5 new buttons

Some of the new buttons and memory spots (in Windows XP)

25 new metamorphs

One new constructor for making fixed shapes: an eccentric torus with various profiles.

One to twist the top or both ends of an object.

Two metamorphs for making walled tunnels through objects: one for a single tunnel with bevels, the other a grid of tunnels.

Four grid metamorphs, including cylindrical and spherical grids with variable ratios.

Four metamorphs that turn an object into a lattice of cubes or spheres connected by rods or springs, or a random molecule.

Seven metamorphs for making bristles, spires or hair, in radial, axial or vertical directions, with variable thickness or bending. One is good for reeds or grass.

Six new Julia fractal metamorphs: five quadratic rationals and one variable power.

v2.5 metamorphs

Improved constructor handling

Progressive rendering of constructors fills them in evenly, for smoother results and faster convergence. Also better distribution for point cloud export.

Old style constructors no longer need Amount set to 100.

Improved Depth of Field effect

Focused areas are no longer affected by leakage from more distant blurred areas.

Improved speed for dark blurred areas.

Fixed incorrect coloring in the highlight boost.

Eliminated flickering while adjusting values.

Other improvements

Tip of the Day window on startup.

Improved transparent preview method, suitable for animation preview.

Marquee lines when dragging to sample gradients.

Zoom in/out for Picture window.

Zoom in/out shortcuts for Main window preview.

Batch render option to override saved lighting.

Mesh export: excluding pieces now works reliably over the whole range. Size distribution entries can be clicked as a shortcut to exclude them.

New or improved in XenoDream v2.4

New options for Point Cloud export

The camera orientation can be used. PRT files now include the ID channel. The PLY format is also supported.

30 new metamorphs

Ten new constructors for making fixed shapes. Portions of a cylinder or sphere; two rectangular blocks with various rounding options; single or double wing/horn/arrowhead shapes; two grilles with various patterns; lineart with eight patterns; 3D Lissajous shapes; a conic section.

Six tiles for replicating holons. One for making copies in an arc; two ladder shapes with optional helical twisting; an arch with eight shapes; random oval or rectangular arrangements with variable random orientation.

Two new patterns of axial radial displacement.

New Maskit style Kleinian fractal patterns.

Metamorphs to extrude in various ways. Extrusion in Z, straight or sloped; helical and rotational extrusions; spiral extrusions to make spiral shells.

Other additions flatten or modulate towards a cylinder, and modulate around a horizontal valley.

v2.4 metamorphs

Animation improvements

Increased maximum number of keyframes to 40.

The spline interpolation has been rewritten to allow separate settings for the camera and the object morphing, with variable amounts of smoothing, from extra smooth to linear, and negative values for magnetic bounce effects. There is also an acceleration control to vary the rate of change, with an S-bend option. All can be set per keyframe, or synchronized. An Autobias option allows object morphing to avoid overshoots within constant segments, by biasing smoothing into neighbouring segments. The smoothing now correctly accounts for varying keyframe intervals.

A Subframe control shows progress during animation preview, and allows scrubbing between keyframes at other times.

Improved quality and timing of preview, and frame controls are updated at each keyframe. Various bugs fixed.

Gradient Editor improvements

Options to reverse the gradient, and trim nodes at either end or anywhere. Capture randomised gradient from any rectangle on screen. Increased number of gradient memory spots to 14.

Other improvements

Camera memory spots are included in parameter files.

The Depth of Field effect is scaled to the picture size, and is faster to preview and apply.

In Mesh Export, while adjusting simplified mesh size, the manifold status of the mesh is shown.

Hundreds of new gradient presets are included.