XenoDream features new or improved in version 2.6

New or improved in XenoDream v2.6

21 new metamorphs

Eight new constructors for making fixed shapes: a crescent with various profiles; a tapered spring; rod and ball crystal models; five shapes with amplitude modulated coils.

Five tile metamorphs for making multiple copies: a chain with rotation control; a constant size fibonacci spiral; cyclic patterns with variable number of copies; two polygonal shapes giving 8 symmetric arrangements.

Two axial versions of the patterns based on concentric shapes: one for displacing and one for cutting stencils.

Planar and axial versions of a Penrose tiling pattern, and a planar triangle/hexagonal pattern.

An axial metamorph that adds spines perpendicular to the axes.

A Voronoi pattern using a triangular pyramid metric.

An iterator path bender to change the shape of spirals.

v2.6 metamorphs

Overhauled window management

Better support for multiple monitors, especially when the leftmost monitor is not the primary.

Better handling of floating windows.

Fixed potential problems where some dialogs could appear behind other windows.

Other improvements

Gamma adjustment of gradients in the Gradient Editor's Adjust HSV dialog.

A Sort option for smoothing sampled gradients.

The Colorpicker has an option for quantizing the color panel, a web format display and better distribution of the fixed colors.

Faster saving of depth maps in .bmp format.

RealFlow .BIN support for point cloud export.

Various bugs fixed.