What's new in Jux

What's new in Jux v3.200 (since v3.100)

Added new gradients and removed some that weren't useful in the Mandel category.

About Jux window

Replaced the Check Latest Version button with a link to a Jux version webpage. The button could not work with secure websites (https), which prevented it from working after April 25th 2021.

Formula tab

Added the PowerFolder formula in the Integer Powers category.

Added the Sinority formula in the Trig and Log category.

Sinopoly, Sinoration and SineShine formulas no longer limit High Bailout internally to 3. Old parameter files preserve the value used.

Fixed a bug where opening files with formula parameters set to some minimum or maximum values could reset them to the default value instead.

Fixed a bug in the Powerwarp formula where power N<-1 with Inversion 1 in Julia mode with c=0 would crash with a floating point error.

What's new in Jux v3.100 (since v3.002)

Formula tab

Added the Kaleidor formula in the Chaotic category.

Fixed a bug when using Ctrl-S to save parameters with the Hermanity formula, which failed with an invalid filename.

Coloring tab

Added the Smiley and Smileys patterns in Exterior, Interior, Field Line and Orbit Trap textures.

What's new in Jux v3.002 (since v3.000)

Main window

When pressing Ctrl-S to save, if the directory no longer exists a File Save dialog box is shown. In v3.000 the file was not saved.

Fixed a problem where pressing Ctrl-S or Ctrl-0 when a dropdown box with autocomplete had an option beginning with S or O would also change the dropdown setting.

Fixed a bug where starting Jux with a Mandelbrot mode parameter file caused a crash.

Formula tab

When the Formula tab is showing you can now press Ctrl-F to open the formula menu.

In the Hermania formula, added two decimal places to the A parameter.

The PolyAmbi formula is now valid for formulas like 1/z or z+1/z.

Fixed a bug in the PolyAmbi formula where the Abs mode didn't do anything if any powers were negative.

Coloring tab

Fixed a bug where hiding texture in some basins caused field line bump effects in lighting to be erratic.

What's new in Jux v3.000 (since v2.901)

Main window

Jux now accepts extra command line parameters for external batch rendering.

Pressing Ctrl-S automatically saves the parameter file with format 'Jux_date_time_formula_Julia/Mandel'. The formula and mode are optional, with a setting in Preferences.

Added a Preview Center Lines button to show center lines in the preview. The Julia explorer no longer shows Julia center lines by itself.

Added buttons to Show/Hide the In Set, Exterior and Interior regions. Hidden regions are plain black.

Formula tab

Added the Powerwarp, Cubic Rational #3, Hermania and Hermanity formulas in the Integer Powers category.

Added the Logoz formula in the Trig and Log category.

Fixed a bug in the complex SinH function where it was badly wrong, resulting in the SineShine formula and the Sinoration formula with Sinh option being completely wrong and distorted in places.

Fixed a bug where changing the formula did not reset the choice of critical points and the Use Same option, which could result in the new formula not giving correct results.

Fixed a bug where the Use Same option did not display when the Interior auto was No but the option was set to Yes.

Fixed a bug since v2.8 where if the preview finished too fast it did not update the highest iterations label and would not respond to changing max iterations.

Coloring tab

Increased the maximum value of the Offset control for gradients to 1.999, as the old limit didn't cover the full range when not set to Wrap.

Added a faceted Octagon pattern in the Exterior, Interior, Field Lines and Orbit Trap textures.

Added a faceted Hexcrystal pattern in the Interior and Orbit Trap textures.

Added Julia set, Mandel set and Loops shapes in Orbit Traps.

Added a Log Inv curve for Interior and Exterior base coloring.

Interior distance for Mandelbrot now uses a different method, that is correct and generally smooth.

Increased the maximum cycle detection from 160 to 960, which affects interior coloring for Julia and Mandelbrots.

Lighting tab

Added a Specular % control and made it independent of Diffuse %.

Increased the maximum value of Diffuse Color and Metallic controls to 300, allowing for increased contrast.

Added a Falloff control for diffuse light.

Added Diffuse Gradient Mode and Specular Gradient Mode controls, to include options for Per Light and Energy.

Added Noise controls for Rotate, Rotate Octaves and Ratio.

Render window

In the Recent Sizes dropdown list you can now delete unwanted sizes with the Delete key.

Added a button to Render With Alpha Mask for hidden regions, for saving in PNG or PSD format with alpha masking.

Pressing Ctrl-S opens the Save Picture dialog. If the parameters have not already been saved, they are first saved with automatic naming.

When Batch Rendering, the window title now includes the image number and batch count, eg 'Jux Batch Rendering 2/7: filexxx.jup'.

Fixed a bug in Batch Render, where the batch log file showed the current image size before starting the batch, which could be different from the size set for the batch.

What's new in Jux v2.901 (since v2.800)

Main window

Added shortcut keys: Ctrl-O to Open parameters, Ctrl-A to Save As.

Fixed a bug where Undo, or File Open with Cancel, did not update Lighting Enabled status.

Formula tab

Mandelbrot critical points now include all detected points. Previously, only two real points were allowed, and zero was excluded if other points existed.

Added an option to Use Same critical point for Interior Mandelbrot with multiple critical points.

In Julia mode, removed the Similar Basins detection and Merge Similar option. Redundant basins are now correctly avoided automatically.

Added the Quadratic Rational #2 and #3 formulas, each with angles for four of the coefficients.

Fixed a bug where Undo/Redo didn't work properly for the Mandelbrot Interior option.

Coloring tab

Added a Trap Mode dropdown list in the Orbit Traps panel, with options for First, Last, Merge and Cells.

Fixed a bug where the randomize buttons didn't update the gradient strip to show gradient Offset changes.

Fixed a bug where zooming deep with Orbit Trap textures in lighting caused aliasing patterns to appear.

What's new in Jux v2.8 (since v2.701)

Main window

Preview iteration is now block by block instead of vertical stripes, to keep all threads busy as long as possible and finish faster.

Other changes to preview updating to give smoother handling and reduce chance of freezes.

Fixed a bug in the Preview for Mandelbrot mode with lighting enabled and Max Iterations > 512, where In Set areas had checked patterns until the final pass at full resolution.

Fixed some bugs to prevent floating point overflows in the preview and Julia explorer.

Formula tab

Added Pandora formula in the Real Powers category.

Changed Expozer formula Orbit parameter default to 0, which is a more useful setting.

Fixed tab order of Formulas menu button.

What's new in Jux v2.701 (since v2.600)

Main window

Limited preview refresh rates for color and lighting changes to reduce chance of freezes.

Formula tab

Replaced the Formula dropdown list with a button that shows a popup menu when clicked. There are submenus for four formula categories.

Added Expo and Expozer formulas in the Trig and Log category, and Gumowski-Mira formula in the Chaotic category.

Improved robustness against crashes in the Julia Explorer.

Coloring tab

Replaced scrolling dropdown boxes with a new dropdown control with 2 columns, sorted alphabetically.

Added a LogLog option to the Curve controls in Exterior and Interior base coloring.

Added Cross 2 and Ring patterns to Exterior textures.

Added Allsorts, Chainlink, Cross and Ring patterns to Interior and Orbit Trap textures.

Fixed a bug where opening a parameter file with In Set coloring did not enable the In Set controls if the panel was not already expanded.

Gradient editor

Fixed a bug in v2.6 in the HSV/gamma dialog where adjusting brightness or saturation would cause floating point errors if the original range was 0.

What's new in Jux v2.600 (since v2.502)

Main window

Fixed a bug in saving parameter files where typing a filename without an extension did not check if the file already existed.

Formula tab

Added the RotoGnarl formula. It is similar to Gnarls but with Scale and Rotate parameters like Wavers.

Fixed bugs in complex calculations causing floating point overflow errors in some formulas, notably SineShine Julia with c=0.

Coloring tab

In the Exterior panel Pattern dropdowns, added Twist 2, Braid, Chain and Branch chain.

In Orbit Traps, added the Coil shape.

In Orbit Traps, added Iter Angle and Iter Step controls.

Lighting tab

Fixed a bug since v2.2 where using OT Texture with polar textures worked incorrectly for many trap shapes.

Gradient editor

Improvements to the HSV/Gamma dialog: center controls now use centers instead of averages; changed default values of Center and Range to 50 for Brightness and Saturation.