Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64 Bits)

Image editor compatible with Photoshop filter plugins (32 Bit programs only).

Image mode: currently only RGB with 8 bits/channel

Does not support batch operations

Tested successfully with:

Will NOT work with:

Hatchery for Windows image editors

Hatchery is a versatile filter packed with unique art effects. Hatchery's texture engine specializes in spots, lines and crosshatching, and the most useful ways to vary them. Convert your pictures to pencil, ink, paint and other media, in styles from pointillist, impressionist or Van Gogh swirls to modern and novel effects.


Controls are arranged in three panels:

Hatchery trial version (2.5MB): Download Hatchery trial button

Hatchery purchase price: US$ 39

Hatchery samples of pencil effects

What makes Hatchery unique

Unlike some plugins that have only a few variations in their art effects, Hatchery is all about flexibility. There are no hard coded effects in Hatchery, just one supertexture that does everything.

Here are some examples: six presets showing pencil effects, and seven presets with paint, pen or texture effects.

Hatchery samples of paint, pen and texture effects