How to? Fly Through Animation
First time poster. Using version 2.5.

I want to create an animation that flies through like this animation from YouTube:

I know how to create animations. My problem is moving the camera through the 3D image. I expected that I could navigate to gaps in the structure, save this in an animation memory spot, navigate some more, saving memory spots when I have to turn.

When I use the View Position Z tool in the View tab of the Main window, it seems as if the camera stays at a fixed distance and zooms in. You don't pass through the structure, seeing it move past all around you and out of frame as you go deeper. You just get closer and closer until the software reaches some limit and stops zooming. Huh

I read a list of tips that said that fly through animation was possible with XenoDream, but now I wonder if that is true. I am hoping that one of the controls I don't understand will give me what I want.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
The View Z Position does move the camera position, and works that way when I test it; not at all like the camera zoom. But it's easier to do fly through navigation by setting Trackball mode to Camera and using the four icons to navigate. Rendering extreme close-ups and fly through is much less efficient in XenoDream though, because it has to calculate the whole object, not just what the camera sees.
Thanks, Garth. I got it to work by setting Trackball mode to Camera. Your point about XenoDream having to render the entire object explains the slow rendering. I will try again soon with very simple objects, but I am beginning to think that XenoDream is not the best tool for fly through animation.

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