Georjulia - how to avoid holes?
Hello Garth, I've tried to repeat your explanation and have used two tori symmetrical but without success (f.e. x,y,z-axis + and -50 aso.). Please could you explain what you mean with "use two tori separated enough to avoid the repelling zones"? Thank you and regards

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When the torus creates these crosses with holes in the middle it usually means you can move the torus in the direction it's facing, which is Z in this case, and see the cross divide into two curves that miss the center. But the result is not as symmetric. So if you moved the torus say 5 units to get clear of the center, just clone it and move the clone back to be 5 units the other way from where it started (this is easiest if it was at 0 to begin with). (For anyone trying this example, the torus is hidden so it helps to unhide it before adjusting positions.) Here's the example:

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And here is Georjulia

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Super, thank you so much for this amazing idea!!

Regards Kaspar

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