Coloring: Holon Sequence - Custom Gradient
(09-12-2014, 06:20 AM)Kaspar Wrote: Hello Garth,

your metamorph coloring looks much better than HS, but I've much to learn about this. At last two questions:
- I like to save the rendered pic for changing colors and lighting later (without new rendering), therefore I've saved the pic (.jpg) and the depth map. After opening depth map and the pic (as unlight pic) some times later I can do changes. My question: Is this the right way to do this, or is there a quality loss? I thought saving the render as psd would save the depth map too but without success.
If you save the pic as .jpg there will be some quality loss. The depth map has to be saved separately, in either .pgm or .psd format to maintain quality. But there is no way to save and restore the shadow maps so it's not going to work if you use any shadows (which is almost always). Saving and restoring full render data is on the wishlist for the future.

Quote:- Making a background shadow (see my last pic) there occurs a light soft yellow-brown gradient. Ist there a possibility to
a: changing shadow intensity (light or more dark) and angle?
b: changing color and intensity of this unwanted background gradient?

The shadow intensity depends entirely on the relative brightness of the lights, and the angle depends on the angle of the lights casting shadows (set that before rendering in the Render tab, as shadow angles can't be changed after rendering, unless you render new) and the distance to the backplane.
Hard to answer without knowing how you did it. There are two ways to create a backplane: adding a Free holon with a planez constructor, in which case you can set its distance and coloring as you like, or using the Depth window to turn a background picture into a flat depth map.

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