Coloring: Holon Sequence - Custom Gradient
(09-11-2014, 03:44 AM)Kaspar Wrote: Hello Garth,

at first, thank you! I've rendered now a sample with HS coloring- custom gradient (please see "Images and..."), and there are some questions too:
- The first three iterations are not smooth enough, very different coloring; is this a question of editing the gradients or what can I do for a soft coloring change from first to second, third a.s.o. iteration?
Yes, it is mostly to do with the gradients having different starting colors, and also affected by the Mix parameter. If the gradients start with the same color (or Initial colors for parametric gradients) then they should blend more smoothly.

Quote:- Is it reasonable to mix HS custom and parametric gradient for different holons?
Yes, although it makes it harder to avoid the problem above.

Quote:- The renders with two iterators often are very dark; how to avoid this?
I am guessing a density issue - too much overall density takes longer to render and looks dark in the preview with shading on. Multiple iterators require the holon scales to be adjusted carefully.

Quote:- Please can you try to pimp up my sample considering what I've asked above?

Thank you and regards
No problem...

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