Hi all! I'm learning more every hour. Here's one of Garth's Sierpinsky (Sierpinsky Castle) Xeps I'd call: "I've got your back"Tongue

Help: Can select the image I want to send using the mouse but can't find a "Browse" button as such and the file does'nt show up in the http:// window no matter what I try, so no image once again!

So, I give up: who hid the "Browse" button?Big Grin
When you are starting a New Thread, or replying to a post (except for the Quick Reply), at the bottom of the page is an Attachments panel, and it has a label New Attachment: with a Browse button next to that. Click it to open a file dialog to select the file. Then you click the Add Attachment button on the right, and then you can insert it into the post, then you can move the attachment tags around in the post if you want.
Also, you can edit your post (choose Full Edit, not Quick Edit) and add attachments, without needing to start a new post or thread.

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