Running XD under WINE
I am ever so slowly moving over to a Ubuntu platform and already know I can run XD under WINE. I was doing that earlier today. I noticed that it seemed slow, so I checked and sure enough, it is only using one CPU of my (increasingly ancient) dual core. Does anybody here have experience of XD and WINE and have possible solution(s)? I would like to speed things up and use both cores.

And while I am thinking of things, I am getting a multi core machine in the near future (built from used parts) and hopefully a 21 inch monitor. Do you know if XD will use all the cores (I am assuming at least 4) or will it fall back to just the one?
XD up to v2.5 only uses one core for rendering, and one for lighting, but lighting may use a different core from rendering. Aside from that, the only way to use more cores is running multiple instances of XD, and I hope to improve the situation in future.
Thanks Garth. And I now have another question Smile. The computer has a 64 bit cpu. Do you know if there will be any issues with that under Wine?
No issues with 64bit CPU, and in 64 bit WINE you can use up to about 3.5GB of RAM.

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