Mandelbulb in XenoDream?
Hello everyone,

I have been using XenoDream for several months now and am especially enjoying the new fractal metamorphs. They can produce fantastic and versatile forms, but I´m still puzzled: Is there any way to make the classic mandelbulb?
If I'm not mistaken, the formula is z > z^8 + c.

XenoDream Version: 2.502
Hi Fractility,
welcome to the forum. Mandelbrot sets, including Mandelbulbs, cannot reasonably be rendered using inverse iteration methods such as XenoDream uses. A selection of Juliabulbs are implemented, which are all the metamorphs with names starting with Trip. When these were first developed we were calling this version of 3D complex numbers "triplex numbers". So you can do pure Juliabulbs, or add constructors, often with limited Max Iterations.
Well that was a quick and precise answer.

It´s a pity though, because exporting 3D fractals as 3D-files is so easy in XenoDream and offers so many options.
The method with mandelbulb3D didn´t really work for me. The stepping was always visible or the exporting process used up all my RAM and created files of 5gb. Do you know of any other software or a good tutorial to get this done with mandelbulbs?
Unfortunately I don't know of any alternative.

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