Moving a group of holons as one unit
I have been playing around (and reading the help files) to see if I can move an entire set of holons as if i was one unit. I have 19 holons in a group that forms the side of a cube, and want to duplicate that group and move each duplication as a unit into place as one of the sides. Is there a way of doing this?
First, save the selection in a selection memory spot. After cloning, adjusting just the position of the set is easy. If you set the Drag mode to Rotate, and Rotate Drag mode to Both, you can drag in the holon window to rotate the set 90 degrees, but it's hard to do precisely. When setting up holon positions I try to use round numbers when possible, so it's easier to correct them after this kind of manipulation. Better rotation tools are on the wishlist. It's also worth checking whether you can use one of the cubic symmetry methods described in the Using XenoDream topic on that subject.

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