Question re New Grass Metamorphs

In version 2.5 there are three new metamorphs that allow you to make grass (or coarse hair).

Can you make fine hair with these? If so, can I please have some pointers as I can make coarse grass/hair but not a fine version at this stage.

Hi Sandra,
yes, just increase the metamorph Scale to get higher density. This also makes the spines shorter, so increase Amount to get the right length. Unfortunately, the finer and longer the hair the slower it is, and with the need to render at high enough resolution for antialiasing, it's not practical to emulate long human hair. This applies for all these: Obelisky, Reedy, Hairpoly, Hairy, Obelisks, Bristler, Hairwave.
Thanks Garth for the tips, much appreciated. I will go back and have another try and see what I can make with this.

I now understand why it was so slow yesterday, I was trying to make it too long and fine.

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