Render Times and Exporting
I am new at this and won't likely be able to purchase the full version until next month (retired on SS and small pension). I have the trial version and notice the render times seem somewhat slow. Does this improve with the full version? Also I have only been able to obj export
one mesh so far. Does the render have to be finished for the export function to work? The interface is great and so intuitive; much like Bryce which I have used since the late 90's. You can find some of my art on Renderosity under the artist name Navim. Thanks! Confused
The render times can be slow, due to the method of accumulating a 3D point cloud, and with XenoDream only using one thread for rendering. The full version is the same. Mesh export is independent of image rendering, and it is best not to render more than small images before mesh exporting to conserve memory, although that shouldn't be a problem with the mesh export grid size limited to 200 in the trial version.

A more advanced program is due for release by the middle of the year, that will be fully multithreaded, and a bit more like Bryce in some ways, but will not be very backward compatible. Nice Sci-Fi images you have!

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