Computer's Ram and CPU Not Fully Used
I recently bought a very powerful computer for the video editing work I do.  I had hoped that the new computer would render XenoDream images faster.  It did not speed up the render process.  Only about 17% of my RAM and 13% of my CPU power is being used during rendering.  

Is there some setting or trick to let XenoDream take full advantage of my 64 GBs RAM and 6 gen 9 processors?

I know the horsepower is working because Adobe Premiere Pro now renders videos in 4 minutes that used to take 4 hours on my old computer.
Hi John,

I replied to your email but I guess you didn't receive it.

XenoDream is still a 32 bit program and mostly single-threaded, so there isn't much you can do except for run multiple instances, so you can create and render several projects at once. (The only caveat with that is that they share remembered settings, so whichever you close last will dominate things like the recent files list.)

I'm working on the next generation program that is fully multi-core and more powerful in many ways, so that's the future though it's only minimally backwards compatible.

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