starting up
so I just started, how do you suggest that I should begin my art?
Can you be more specific? Are you using Jux or XenoDream, and what do you want to do?
XenoDream, mostly sketch art and fractals
If so, could you give me advice on dragon based art?
Ok; first I would suggest doing some of the tutorials in the Using XenoDream guide to get a feel for how it works, and browse through the topics for the range of what it can do. Constructing realistic dragons is not what XenoDream is suited for, but it could make objects or scenery to go with them. If there are particular examples I may be able to help with them.
thanks, I know it has been awhile since i was last on the forum, but I believe that i have greatly improved with this last piece of info, if you have any other suggestions, I am happy to learn.

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