Error message Jux 2.501: Floating Point Overflow in Kalisets Type 3
When using Kalisets Type 3 with Salt 0 and Pepper -1 i get an massive Floating Point Overflow. In the attached File i use Type 2, because it is impossible to save a File with Type 3 and the mentioned Config.



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Thanks, Christian. It happens when Pepper is not 0 and C is exactly 0,0. Type 4 also has some issues. I can prevent it happening in the next update (nothing is planned yet.)

It turns out that when you get a cascading error message like that, you can keep the Enter key pressed to eliminate the queue, and click on some control to change it (in this case changing the Type parameter will do) and after a while it changes, avoiding the need to kill Jux.
Thanks for the Info, Garth

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