How to? Rotate multiple shapes simultaneously on different axes
It looks to me like you've actually got it right; it's just that the results are not what you might expect. You can see the symmetry from some angles that looks correct. I think the reason it appears squashed from some angles is that the positions aren't a purely equilateral tetrahedron, and that breaks tetrahedral symmetry. The other point to remember is that the origin doesn't matter when there are no rotations, but when there are, the result is not invariant for translation.

Also, the standard scale for the tetrahedron is 50 to avoid overlaps, but with rotations it needs to be increased. The ideal scale keeps it connected but minimizes overlapping.

Holon rotations use XYZ order, which as you know is not convenient for setting some angles, or for rotating about an arbitrary axis. In future I have in mind a tool to make this easier.

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