Disney´s Corn Flakes
...actually a wrong mapped 1,2GB texture of Mesh Lab.  Smile
Rendered in Cinema 4D

All what we got here's American made -
It's a little bit cheesey but it's nicely displayed.
(Frank Zappa)
This is really cool!

I'm new to the forum, and XenoDream as well so I don't understand what any of the details you gave mean.
But I'm interest to learn so could you explain the terminology more and your process?
Cinema 4D just got on my radar but even that I'm unclear why you'd use it.
There are several reasons for exporting meshes to other 3D renderers. One is combining them with other objects or scenes. One is rendering in full 3D with features and quality and materials that aren't possible in XenoDream. After loading a mesh into another program, you can map textures onto it in various ways, depending on the program.
However, the mesh resolution for export is limited, so you can't export really intricate models in high quality in XD 2.7.

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