How to? Understanding the Basics
Dear Garth,

I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.6 running under Windows 7 Pro and slowly working through the “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual.

After File > New, without changing anything, a yellow dot appears in the PreView Window of the Main Window. That is, a “start-up” holon (Holon # 1), which is scaled, by default, at 80 but which is lacking other characteristics, is shown.

Then, clicking on the Add button in the Holon Toolbar and just changing the position of Holon # 2 in the Shape Page, a line appears. It looks like a dot is being replicated. What is the relationship between the two holons?

Thank you!

Doctor T
Two iterators with no rotation, separated by some distance in any direction, will make a line. Adding some rotations to either holon makes more interesting shapes. Without rotations there is nothing to replicate the dot away from the original positions, except the contraction of each holon replicating towards themselves.

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