How to? Can I Continue Rendering Later?
Dear Garth,

I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.6 running under Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) and slowly working through the “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual.

The manual describes Rendering and Lighting on pages 14-15.

After I start rendering -which takes a very long time- what steps do I follow to save the .xpe file AS IS and, then, continue the rendering at a later time?

Thank you!

Doctor T
Dear Doctor T,
you can save the .xep parameter file any time, even while it is rendering. After rendering for a while, you can stop it, apply lighting, save the picture as is, then resume rendering.

There is no way to save the current rendering state and resume it if you close XD or do something else with it in between. You would need to re-open the .xep file and start a new render. While the picture and depth map can be saved and reloaded, other rendering data such as shadow maps are not saved anywhere. Saving and reloading renders remains on the wishlist for the future.

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