How to? Scales: Relationship and Meaning

I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.6 running under Windows 7 Pro and slowly working through the “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual.

To create a one-holon object, without changing the Holon Scale (currently set at 0) or the Metamorph Scale (currently set at 10), as the first metamorph (i.e., shape), I created a Constructor/Cube, which almost filled the PreView Window. That is, it was impossible to visualize.

Then, I changed, the Metamorph Scale to 5 and, then, the yellow cube was clearly visible and centered on the PreView Window.

I have to questions:

1 - What is the relationship between the Holon Scale and the Metamorph Scale?

2 - Is there a unit of measurement associated with the values of the scales? That is, when I changed the value of the Metamorph Scale to 5, I changed it to 5 what?

Thank you!

Doctor T
The metamorph scale is specific to the metamorph (of which there may be two for a holon). For a constructor style it usually adjusts the size (for a few of them it was necessary to use it for something else); for other metamorphs it usually adjusts something related to scale, but not always.

The holon scale parameters adjust the X, Y and Z scales of the holon. This happens before any metamorphs are applied, unless the Metamorph's Rescale option is checked, in which case the holon scales come after the metamorph. A constructor overrides the holon scales unless Rescale is checked. Use Rescale to let the holon scales change a constructor's size differently in each direction. Reorient lets the holon rotations affect a constructor.

There are no units for the scales, so all distances are relative.
(06-10-2017, 11:10 AM)Garth Thornton Wrote: ... There are no units for the scales, so all distances are relative.

Dear Garth,

Thank you for your reply.

Relative to what?  Is there a base value?

Doctor T
No, just relative to each other. Many of the parameters have been normed to a 0-100 scale or similar for convenience. Some things are the way they are because they started that way and I've tried to maintain compatibility as far as possible. XenoDream goes back a long way.

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