Drive field in XD
Hello all,

after a long time I'm playing around with XD again, and I'd like to know wherefore is the drive field in the shape window. Thank you for a short explanation and 

regards Kaspar

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With Drive checked, the first metamorph is used only to distort the position used for the second metamorph. (The way it works is to apply it, then do the second metamorph, then subtract the effect of the first.)
But it doesn't work for a constructor or tile as the first metamorph. It works but is not easy to see on an iterator. So the most useful situation is using it on an extended holon for a constructor. The help file has an example illustration.

Originally I hoped to add more metamorphs per holon but that got deferred for future development.
Hello Garth,

thank you for your explanation. A second question (rendering page): How can I turn on/off a single shadow? When I turn on/of the shadow for a selected light the shadows for all other lights are following. Thank you and

regards Kaspar
The shadows in the rendering page are only for setting up light positions for rendering shadows. You can't turn shadows on/off there, only add and delete light positions, and it should only be done before rendering (or re-rendering). After rendering, use the Shadow checkbox in the Lighting window to turn a shadow off/on.
Ok., thank you!

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