Techno-Spheres by Cyprien
After a long absence, I've returned to XD.  I've been using other graphics programs and music programs.  Time flies by.  I'm still intrigued with simple graphics such as Cypriens Techno-Spheres.  I was hoping to duplicate them and then experiment further.  I downloaded "It's complex right".xep.  That got me closer, but not close enough.  Anybody have any idea how to do it?  Thank you.
Welcome back! These shapes are done with radial displacement mapping. The Using XenoDream guide has a topic on Displacement Mapping with a tutorial, and it uses a sphere with radial displacement. You can use other constructor shapes too. The tutorial appends a sample holon to make it easier, but once you understand it you can set them up from scratch.
What other shapes can you make using XenoDream by the way?

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