Backwards compatibility
I just noticed a problem with very few of my older XEP files. I can open these files but nothing shows up - neither in the preview nor when I start rendering. I went back to older XD versions to find out when this problem appeared for the very first time. It showed up properly till XD 2405. From XD 2406 till now it doesn't show anymore. Any clue why this happens with the attached XEP?

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.xep   Magnificent Centipede.xep (Size: 2.85 KB / Downloads: 3)
This is caused by a bugfix in v2.5 for the Optimize Density calculations. Unfortunately, setting all the densities high with optimize on doesn't give the same results any more, so either uncheck Optimize or adjust the densities. Density is relative so there's no reason to have them all high. The bugfix was necessary but impossible to maintain full compatibility, partly because the bug caused unpredictable densities for holons with high scales and density when Optimize was on.
Thank you so much! Unchecking Optimize did the trick. Smile

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