How to? macro images
(06-16-2015, 09:33 PM)Garth Thornton Wrote: XD has DOF but as a post-render effect. Set the camera fairly close as you would for macro, render it, apply lighting including any background image or texture. Then in the Picture window Effects menu, choose Depth of Field and adjust the settings.

Thank you for that fast reply Garth!
I got it...
After playing around with the lighting, my images (fore- and background) are looking like "glued together". I mean, there is no global illumination, that gives the real touch, like global sunlight or so...
I think, that happens, because the background is just a 2D projection.
To be honest Angel  i  did not find a way to create a free new figure (like a plane for using as background as described in the manual). if start to render, i get the message "ordered render will ignore metamorph settings"
How can i do that?
The DOF effect itself is brilliant!


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