Font type image?
At present there are no options to import fonts or 3D files of any kind. Text can be made from holons using constructors (sphere, dumbell, torus, arctorus, perhaps shafts and blocks or others for novelty), as I did for the "XenoDream" in the current XenoDream Software logo. You can also use iterator holons to construct text, which is easiest for 2D and a whole word or phrase, because the overall shape will be long and thin, so it works as a Serp. You could also turn that into a 3D text with more work. The approach is a bit laborious, just a matter of getting one or two holons with the desired shape and cloning and arranging them. Dirk's house constructions use flattened iterators as wall panels, with scales about 34x17x1, but he varies the order of those scales (they are in the sample data, in the Dirk Monteny folder).

It is also possible to import a background picture and use the picture mapping option for coloring, which would be useful if you wanted to put some text onto a constructor within an object.

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