Render Times and Exporting
(09-02-2022, 03:21 AM)Derek.Bentley Wrote:
(07-20-2022, 06:25 PM)Garth Thornton Wrote: It is still a few months away, but getting closer.

This is exciting news!  Any updates?  Will this new program still be Xeno Dream, or something completely new?

There's no release date but I'm working on v0.97 now. It will be XenoDream X but different enough that it has only limited import. It's the same general idea but completely redesigned. Metamorphs can have up to 12 parameters, and the mapping from old to new varies from 100% to nothing compatible. Lighting is different, with panoramic environment mapping and a multi-layer material model with texture support. It has oversampling and full window lighting preview, and is generally easier to use.

Some old features will not be implemented in v1.0, including stereo cameras, pic textures and DOF. The 3D texture engine for materials is not applicable to backgrounds (unless used on a backplane holon), so I want to do a separate one that can do panoramic environments.

Many of the fixes and features I've been working on recently are to make sure it works as intended with minimal risk of having to break things for future fixes and features.

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