Jux Version 2.701: Freezing of Application
It has so far proved impossible to freeze Jux on my computers with these or any other parameters, which makes it very hard to find why it freezes on some other computers. Previous tests have indicated that the slowest operation in the main thread is repainting the preview pane (don't ask me why), so I have limited this to 5x per second, but had not done so for the color/lighting updates that didn't restart the preview before v2.7.

Did you have the same problems in 2.6?
Can you clarify: is it freezing if you just click the button once, or only while you are clicking it multiple times?
Also, when you switch between the lighting and color tabs, are the tabs updating fast or is there noticeable flickering or time to redraw the controls?

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RE: Jux Version 2.701: Freezing of Application - by Garth Thornton - 02-05-2020, 01:39 PM

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