tutorial for batch rendering

There is no compatibility in general between Jux and any other programs, so you can't import parameters into other programs, nor would it be practical to export data in some other format. The exception is Jux gradients, which have the option to export in UltraFractal .ugr format (though some of the gradients are not compatible and not exported.)

In some cases you could set up the same formula in another program and use the same formula parameters and location.

With 2D formulas as Jux uses, the main optionsĀ  for 3D are:
1. making them 2.5D with lighting effects, as Jux does.
2. adding 3D base shapes for iteration, as Incendia and XenoDream can do.
3. adding some 3D rotation or other tricks, as XenoDream and Incendia can do.
4. using a more general 3D formula instead, eg Mandelbulb/Juliabulb types, but this is very different. XenoDream also has some Juliabulb types.

However, you still can't export Jux parameters directly for those purpose, as the formulas are different.

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