Xenodream for "traditional" modeling
Hello and pleased to meet you all, this is my first post Blush;

The program seems very interesting (and unique!), and discovering its existence has sent me into "investigation mode" on all things XD. The official documentation PDF (long read!) stresses multiple times that "fractal art" is merely one thing XD can do, and that it should not be considered its only trick. With that in mind, could XD be used to model less abstract things? Machinery, humans, etc? I have seen plants convincingly modeled, but not much else. Even this site's "organic" gallery has only extremely abstract stuff in it, with holons roughly making up forms that should be flat/seamless.

Is XD at all viable to smoothly model more traditional objects (in addition to these beautiful fractals)? Mathematically defined modeling, as opposed to more traditional polygon manipulating methods, sounds very interesting to me (if it's not too slow in getting good results).

Thanks in advance Heart

Without the flexibility of full poly or spline modelling, it's not possible to model humans or most kinds of animal. Plants are limited to certain types of geometries. It's much better for machines. Leaving fractal structure aside, you can do additive modelling by combining constructor holons of various shapes, modifying them with metamorphs, and replicating them in various patterns using tile metamorphs. The Using XenoDream guide chapter Constructor Gallery shows an overview of the raw shapes available. Adding some iterator holons expands the possibilities to the model but also constrains it, although not all constructors have to be iterated.
The latest XD gallery shows some "machinery" with fractal structures, but the same kind of components could be assembled without using the iterator holons.

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