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HS coloring-custom gradient sample - Kaspar - 09-11-2014

Here my sample:

RE: HS coloring-custom gradient sample - Garth Thornton - 09-11-2014

I did make some minor adjustments to the shape: moved the spiral center forward slightly, and reduced scales of the sphere to balance holon densities so the iterators fill in faster. This example shows why it's hard to get good HS coloring with any constructors. With constructors I prefer to let the main iterator inherit color, so I did that and tried various custom gradients for the other two holons. The coloring iterates consistently but you don't get much control. (Also used my lighting with a little DOF effect.)

.xep   HSCol00002-GT.xep (Size: 5.24 KB / Downloads: 22)

For comparison, here's metamorph coloring, which I prefer when any constructors are used. Again the main iterator inherits color, and also inherits all for the style, and has some iteration shift to vary the gradient each iteration. The constructor gets smooth coloring, and the other iterator uses its Auger metamorph for the color pattern.

.xep   MMCol00002-GT.xep (Size: 4.23 KB / Downloads: 19)

RE: HS coloring-custom gradient sample - Kaspar - 09-12-2014

Here's my sample with a unknown colored background:

RE: HS coloring-custom gradient sample - Kaspar - 09-13-2014

Here the depht map sample: