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Drag and Drop - InQ - 08-08-2013

I am curious if you have plans of implementing drag and drop file loading. Me being me often has XEP files scattered over a number of directories (and sometimes drives). Drag and drop would be useful if I have been using the file manager to track down a particular file. I don't know how easy this would be to implement, but it is more of a would be nice to have feature than anything more pressing.

RE: Drag and Drop - Teena - 08-09-2013

Why don't you just double-click the XEP file? It will then open in XD.

RE: Drag and Drop - InQ - 08-09-2013

(08-09-2013, 05:50 PM)Teena Wrote: Why don't you just double-click the XEP file? It will then open in XD.

Yeah, I suppose that is the ideal solution. But I am also a beta tester, and that means updating the associations every minor update and beta version because each XD exe has a slightly different file name.

RE: Drag and Drop - Teena - 08-09-2013

I always rename the new exe file to XenoDream.exe and just change the version number in the icon description. That way I don't need to update the associations. Smile

RE: Drag and Drop - Garth Thornton - 08-10-2013

You can already drag and drop an xep file onto an XD icon/filename (desktop or explorer). But that starts a new instance of XD if it's already running. I hadn't thought about dropping them onto the program, and will put it in the wishlist. Of course you would want it to check rendering status, saved status, etc, and respond accordingly.

RE: Drag and Drop - InQ - 09-12-2013

Thanks Garth. It wasn't a big thing, but I got out of the habit of changing file associations with every update and new alpha/beta so it seemed like an idea that appealed to me.