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Camera Export - coool_brain - 07-30-2013

Hi! I am trying out the demo version of XD v2.5. So far, the journey is amazing. Thank you very much for this beautiful software.

So, here's is what I would like to see in the next version of XD:
It would be really nice if we can export camera with animation into 3d programs like Maya, 3dsmax, etc.

Thank you.

RE: Camera Export - Garth Thornton - 07-30-2013

Thank you for the suggestion. As mentioned in the other thread, the data is included in the .xep parameter files. One of the more widely used formats is Filmbox, but the spec is not open and I cannot implement support for the library. If there are other formats worth exporting to that are easy to do, details are welcome.

RE: Camera Export - coool_brain - 08-01-2013

got it. thanks