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Thanks for updated version - Doug.S - 07-06-2013

Always appreciate your new releases Garth. I know it is a lot of hard work. New version/update always re-energizes XD activity for me.

RE: Thanks for updated version - motyka - 07-07-2013

I definitely agree with that. When I get a new update, then I have to play with it more. Thanks.

RE: Thanks for updated version - GalleryHakon - 12-01-2013

I've been using XenoDream a bit on and off since 2002 now, and I agree: it's always inspirational when there's a new version out with fascinating new metamorphs to play with. I've finally started getting into exporting 3D meshes now to finally get some photorealistic renders done as well, adding a whole new dimension to my work. I would have liked to be able to bring along the brilliant procedural colouring possibilities from XenoDream, though, which I think are quite amazing. Perhaps one day, years from now, that will be possible...