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Environment maps problem - PayPaul - 08-25-2020

I am using the latest version of Jux and have seen this happen before and it still happens. When I try to change the image for the background in the Lighting tab the change doesn't work and the image stays with the default.jpg image.Why is this happening?

RE: Environment maps problem - Garth Thornton - 08-25-2020

Is Jux freezing up, or is it just not changing the environment map? Is it happening occasionally or every time you try it?

RE: Environment maps problem - Sir10Tea - 08-25-2020

None of the environment maps replace the default image. Even the ones that came with the program.

Authors note. PayPaul and I are one and the same. My other browser doesn't have my information stored in it.

RE: Environment maps problem - Garth Thornton - 08-25-2020

So you're saying that clicking on different image names in the environment map list has no effect, but Jux otherwise continues working? I have not heard of that happening and so far have no idea how it could.