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Exporting textures/UVs? - skyrat - 11-22-2017

Can I export UV maps/Textures from the fractals I create with the .obj files?

RE: Exporting textures/UVs? - Garth Thornton - 11-22-2017

There is currently no direct export of UV maps and textures. There is a somewhat complicated way to do it, by also exporting a point cloud, then doing UV mapping and synchronization in other software. In the Using XenoDream guide, see the Exporting 3D Data section, Mesh coloring topic for details.

RE: Exporting textures/UVs? - Storey - 02-27-2018

That seems like a ton of work. Any plans to maybe simplify this in the future?

RE: Exporting textures/UVs? - Garth Thornton - 02-27-2018

Yes, I hope so. Direct UV export would be far better if I can do it.

RE: Exporting textures/UVs? - Storey - 03-13-2018

I hope you can pull this off, Garth. Did you make any progress yet?

RE: Exporting textures/UVs? - Garth Thornton - 03-13-2018

I'm sorry, it will not be done for quite a while as there are other priorities to complete first.