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Saving JPG Files - DoctorT - 07-05-2017

Dear Garth,

I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.6 running under Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) and slowly working through the “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual.

The manual describes Saving Files on page 15.

By default, the .jpg file was saved as 800 px (W) by 600 px (H) at 72 PPI. I want to increase both the file size and the PPI.

(1) I believe that I can change the file size in the Rendering Tap. Right?

(2) For giclee prints, how can I increase the PPI?

Thank you!

Doctor T

RE: Saving JPG Files - Garth Thornton - 07-05-2017

Yes, set the size in the Rendering tab. XD does not specify PPI when saving files. Calculate the size in pixels by multiplying the size in inches by the PPI you want. Or, render it even larger and resize it in an image editor, which will also let you specify PPI for printing.