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Holon - DoctorT - 06-04-2017


I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.600 under Windows 7 Pro.

To help me visualize a Holon, I created the following figure:


Am I on the right track?

Thank you!

RE: Holon - DoctorT - 06-04-2017

Dear Garth,

Thank you!

Doctor T

RE: Holon - Garth Thornton - 06-04-2017

Yes. A holon is either an iterator or a constructor. If it has a metamorph in the Constructor category (such as a sphere or cube) it has that shape. Otherwise it is an iterator, which means that it makes copies of other holons. It also makes copies of itself, with each copy being changed by its scale, rotation and position. So if its Z position is not 0, each copy will move further along the Z axis.