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Techno-Spheres by Cyprien - senji - 09-17-2016

After a long absence, I've returned to XD.  I've been using other graphics programs and music programs.  Time flies by.  I'm still intrigued with simple graphics such as Cypriens Techno-Spheres.  I was hoping to duplicate them and then experiment further.  I downloaded "It's complex right".xep.  That got me closer, but not close enough.  Anybody have any idea how to do it?  Thank you.

RE: Techno-Spheres by Cyprien - Garth Thornton - 09-17-2016

Welcome back! These shapes are done with radial displacement mapping. The Using XenoDream guide has a topic on Displacement Mapping with a tutorial, and it uses a sphere with radial displacement. You can use other constructor shapes too. The tutorial appends a sample holon to make it easier, but once you understand it you can set them up from scratch.

RE: Techno-Spheres by Cyprien - Wellings - 03-30-2019

What other shapes can you make using XenoDream by the way?