Posting a Reply
There are several ways to reply to a thread - quick reply, new reply, or including quotes from other posts.

The Quick Reply message area is ready to use at the bottom of the page, so all you need to do is enter your text and click the "Post Reply" button below. This method has no options for notification of replies or including attachments. You can include MyCode formatting (see the MyCode help topic for details.)

The New Reply button lets you type a reply with all the options for formatting, smilies, adding attachments and being notified of replies.

To include quotes from a post, instead click the Reply button under the post you want to quote. You can delete parts of the quote in your message. To include quotes from more than one post, first click the Quote button under the other posts you want to quote.

For instructions about including attachments, see the "Posting a new topic" help.

In general we invite free and frank discussion, as long as it is respectful to other members and reasonably on topic for XenoDream and related fields. If a thread has been locked, you won't be able to reply to it without moderator help.