Posting a New Topic
When viewing a forum, to create a new topic (or thread), click the button at the top or bottom of the topic list labelled "New thread". Compose your message and click the "Post Thread" button at the bottom. Registered members may post to any public forum except Announcements. In general we invite free and frank discussion, as long as it is respectful to other members and reasonably on topic for XenoDream and related fields.

Images can be linked from another site using the [img] tags, or uploaded as attachments.

Uploading Attachments:
To attach pictures or parameter files, there are several steps for each file.
1. Select the file with the Browse button.
2. Click the "Add Attachment" button.
3. Click the "Insert into Post" button for the attachment.

Picture files are currently limited to 500kb. Please do not flood the forum with many images at once, or post many similar images unless they relate to a particular question or bug.