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Full Version: How to make such a Background?
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Hallo Garth,

please have a look on the pic below. Can you please let me know if the background with hatching is created using XD or is it an imported pic? Best regards

I can't tell. You could make a similar structure in a Pic Texture with several octaves of voronoi noise with ratio near 1. The hatching would come from quantization of the gradients when using the depth window, and depend on the texture coloring. Then the lighting is such that it ignores the coloring of the background.
Ok., but what do you think about it; ist this an imported background pic or was it made using XD? Thank you and regards

There's a good chance that it is an XD pic texture but I don't know.
Thank you, the hatching is stunning, and if there is a chance to make this in XD I will test it. Best regards

I tried but did not manage to get an effect combining plain outlines with hatched areas. I think it's possible but difficult to reverse engineer.
Hi Garth,
it's not tragic; I was without success too, and because I've seen this one time I think this is a random product; maybe the artist culdn't make it twice. Thanks for the "Antenna Loop" xep and a Happy New Year for you.
Best Regards
Kaspar, (if you still check in)
I too think the image is gorgeous and would love to learn to replicate something similar but in the meantime; Do you have credits for the original artist? I guess if you did you would ask them? Which lead me to more or a general idea - where did the image come from in the first place ie. how do you even know any of it was created with XD? I'm curious to be pointed in the direction of where one might find more XD images to both gawk and draw inspiration from.
Thanks bunches