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Full Version: First impressions...
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...I just wanted to congratulate you, Garth, For making XD so much more intuitive! I took one of Juliete's xep files and played with it just a bit lit it differently and was very pleased in the quick manner that it rendered, etc. by the way, what's the best way to attach the jpg and the xep, please? If I'm right, The file is attached if anybody's interested! If no files, helpSmile
Hi Sharon,
The steps are in the Help topic Posting a New Topic (Menu at the top right of the Forum page):
To attach pictures or parameter files, there are several steps for each file.
1. Select the file with the Browse button.
2. Click the "Add Attachment" button.
3. Click the "Insert into Post" button for the attachment. (this only appears after adding the attachment)
[attachment=42]Ok Garth, Thanks so much! Sometimes humans can be so stupid..., Speaking for myself of course!

Anyway, here is "I've got your back!"