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Full Version: Jux Problem with Environ Map
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Hello Garth,

I've bought your great Jux program, but it seems there is a problem with the environ map. I've copied an own jpg in the env-folder, then refreshed the list and then can apply my pic, but when I try to change to another lighting preset, my pic disappeared and the default env pic occurs. In the env folder I've found only my own pic, no other pics are there but in Jux the other Jux-own pics are available. What's the reason for this and what can I do? Thank you and

regards Kaspar
Jux is working as intended but not for what you want to do.
The lighting presets include the choice of environment map, so when you change presets it changes the env map. You can change it back to yours after loading the preset (and no need to refresh the list each time). You can lock the In Set, Interior and Exterior sections against changes when opening presets or memory spots, but there is no method to protect the env map. Most of the lighting presets use the (Default).jpg map, but not all. So there isn't an easy way to try out lots of lighting presets using a different choice of env map. Jux looks in two places for env maps: the program folder and the personal Env Map folder.

So I see two things people might want to do:
1. change the 'default' env map. You could do this by renaming the (Default).jpg file and providing another with that name in your own folder. That would not work for presets that use a different env map. It's also inconvenient for changing often.

2. protect the env map pic when loading lighting presets.

I'll think about the possibilities.
Hello Garth,

thank you for your support, I didn't know that the maps belong to the lighting presets. And here is a suggestion for the next Jux version - to support fractal textures and picture mapping. I've worked with the FSK from Ross Hilbert, an excellent fractal program too, but intricate to use, and this program allowes making pics like this in the attachment. Maybe you're  planning such an option für Jux too, this would be great.

Regards Kaspar
Thanks, Kaspar.
I have some ideas for more coloring, including some picture mapping.
Also, for the next release I've put in a button to lock the environment map when opening lighting presets or memory spots.
Hello Garth, this sounds good to me, I'm curious about it Smile

Regards Kaspar
Picture mapping can work well for interior regions. It's not good for the exterior texture due to the branching structure. It can work well with orbit trap coloring, as in your examples. I have some ideas for orbit traps but I won't say any more without doing some tests.
I'm sure this will be a great Chrismas Surprise  Rolleyes

Regards Kaspar