Plugins for Adobe Photoshop

To download the Hatchery trial, go to the Hatchery product page.

To download the Imblursion trial, go to the Imblursion product page.

You can download some free plugins from the Products page.

XenoDream and Jux programs

To download Jux, go to the Jux product page.

XenoDream Trial (v2.7)

You can download a trial version of XenoDream v2.700 to evaluate.

XenoDream v2.7 Trial (8.5MB): Download XenoDream trial button

XenoDream version 2.701

If you have purchased or upgraded to v2.0 or later, upgrading to v2.701 is free. If you have subscribed to email notification and not received email from us, either we do not have your current email address, or it was stopped by spam filters. Contact about v2.701.

Upgrading from v1.x to v2.7 costs US$29.99.

The latest release is v2.701. You can check your installed version in the Help menu About XenoDream.

PDF versions of the documentation are available:

V2.7 Help file XD27Help.pdf (2.5MB)

Using XenoDream v2.7 UsingXD27.pdf (4.4MB)

German translation of Using XenoDream (v2.0 only) (3.4MB)

XenoDream version 1.6

If you have purchased an earlier version of XenoDream, upgrading to v1.6 is free. Contact with your name, and original order number if you know it (but don't worry if you can't find it).

If you have already upgraded to v2, you do not need v1.6 as well, because v2 is fully compatible.

The last release is v1.620. You can check your installed version in the Help menu About XenoDream. If you have v1.60 or v1.61, you can download again and install the new version without uninstalling v1.6 first. Use the same download link that you received in email for v1.6, and read the readme.txt file included in the zip.

V1.62 fixes three bugs and includes new gradient and lighting presets and sample files.

PDF versions of the documentation are available (not changed for v1.62):

V1.6 Help file (1.9MB)

Using XenoDream v1.6 (2.5MB)