Contacting Us

If you have any problems with downloading or installing our software, please contact with the details. Ordering is through reseller, so any payment issues should be raised directly with them.

If you lose your registration key or download information we are happy to provide it; all we need is your name, and if you know your order number that is helpful.

For general help, questions, discussion and feedback, please visit our new Forum, or you can email

If you have not received a reply to genuine email (not spam) within 36 hours, please try again or let us know so we can find a solution.



If you experience significant problems running any XenoDream Software products on your computer that we are unable to resolve, or if you are not satisfied with a XenoDream Software product, we will offer to refund the purchase price up to 60 days from purchase.

If you lose your download or registration details and need them to reinstall, just email us.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not share any information about you with any other company or entity. XenoDream Software Ltd only keeps details for the purposes of verifying identity for support, and accounting purposes. No financial information about you is included. We will not send unsolicited email, except possibly for important announcements about software you have purchased. You can opt out of all communication.


The XenoDream store uses industry standard security. Your credit card information is never stored on the XenoDream Software web server. As Fastspring handles all payment details, XenoDream Software does not receive any information specific to the payment method.

Representatives from XenoDream will NEVER call you and ask you for any bank or credit card information. Do not give your numbers out over the telephone.


Announcements about program updates or other significant developments will be made on this website (Home page and/or Forum) and in some other platforms including FaceBook. We no longer email upgrade announcements to customers; exceptions may be made in some circumstances.

Courses on XenoDream

The Visual Arts Academy has officially closed as of May 2013. As a result, the Beginning XenoDream course run by Joseph Presley is no longer available. Unfortunately, there are no other courses that we are aware of at this time.


If you are interested in reviewing any XenoDream Software product for online or printed media, please write to Garth ( with information about the publication.

Beta testing

Additional testers may be required for ongoing development. Experience with 3D software or SF/fantasy art is preferred. Please write to Garth ( with some indication of what type of art you do and any skills or experience relevant to beta testing.